Hi everyone,

Just a brief note to remind you of some aspect of Advanced English II course.

1. On Wednesday, 17th  section 01 and 02 will have the first oral test (worth 15%). This test covers the information based on news from

2. People who have not started doing the Extensive Online Reading cannot be able to do the test correctly. Those who started since the first class, remember that you have to do more than two readings every week. And on Wednesday, we will wacth videos to be discussed in class.

3.These are the people already in the database for section 01:

In you are not in the Student list, please let me knoe it as soon as possible.
4. Your comments in class (face to face) or in the blog (online) are important for you and the whole class, so participate.

Please, always check the course calendar. If you have any doubt, send me an email, post them as a comment to this post or visit my office 7-C at IPM.